Exactly 20 years after my first edition (publishing), back in October 1996, here is the ninth.   From 1,400 references spread on a hundred of pages, the directory has now 6,430 on 278 pp.   Bibliorock is still the one and only French-speaking directory of paper books and works, published from 1960, about the history of rock music, its culture and its artists.

Bibliorock displays full references for :

-  900  academic works (see details in the next message, infra)

-  530  special extra issues of magazines

-  630  novels

-  350  comics

-  275  books containing a record or a dvd

-  145  bilingual books

…plus some 50 other types of books

557 artists or bands have at least one book about each one of them, which come to 1,100 biographies and 200 autobiogs.

Please have a look on enclosed documents   Front_cover        Contents        Types_of_books         20_years_summary

This ninth publishing is available at € 75.-  plus € 4.-  for p&p. in EU or € 5.- for Canada.    Payment thru international bank transfer

Best regards from Paris, France


BIBLIOROCK : répertoire signalétique de 6 400 livres en français sur l'histoire du rock et de ses artistes / Descriptive directory of 6,400 French-speaking books about the history of rock and its artists.      9th publishing, October 2016, 278 A4 pp, spiral bound

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